JomAttendance: Making Facial Business Sense


  • P.S. JosephNg Institute of Computer Science & Digital Innovation, UCSI University, Malaysia
  • S.R. Chow Faculty of Information Technology, Inti International University, Malaysia



Attendance System, Facial Recognition, Automated, Facial Recognition Algorithm, Wireless Attendance System


The attendance system in education currently used in the world are commonly initial on paper is not effective in recording attendance because people can alter and change the data easily. With modern camera technology, the  attendance system should use a facial recognition system when recording attendance. Mixed-mode research concluded that university students have agreed that the traditional attendance verification process is a hassle t because of the large class size. Therefore this system plans to solve problems such as reliability, truant and delays when taking attendance. This system uses a facial recognition attendance algorithm. The system demonstrates the benefits of having a facial detection attendance system in a university setting. The facial detection approach is recommended towards a new standard for university attendance because it is faster and more effective to record student attendance.


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JosephNg, P., & Chow, S. . (2022). JomAttendance: Making Facial Business Sense. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 14(1), 1–5.