JomMobileKey: Opening Business Sense During Covid19 Pandemic


  • Zainab Atallah Institute of Computer Science & Digital Innovation UCSI University, Malaysia
  • P.S. JosephNg Institute of Computer Science & Digital Innovation UCSI University, Malaysia
  • C.L Thong Institute of Computer Science & Digital Innovation UCSI University, Malaysia


Contactless, Covid, Host Card Emulator, Mobile, Near Field Communication


Security remains a key issue in the hospitality industry mostly due to incidents of theft and crime as previously reported. This study aims to design a system that enables hotel guests to access hotel room without using a physical card. To promote high-security attributes, NFC (Near-field communication) technology as an access system by implementing applications containing emulated smart key for specific authentication access is used. The Host-Card Emulation HCE enables cost-effectiveness profit and initiates defense system in the pandemic era. The proposed system was evaluated by statistical and analytical analysis with hotel staff and managers in two different hotels located in Malaysia. The findings show the proposed system could replace physical cards, enhance security, and promote a contactless environment. More test cases at different locations are required to further validate the proposed system.  The proposed system can be implemented in other industries in the future.


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