JomIoT Prescription For Life


  • Z.A. Atallah UCSI University, Malaysia
  • P.S. JosephNg UCSI University, Malaysia


Internet of Thing (IoT), Medication Adherence, Smartphone Accessory, Wireless Connectivity


Non obedience to medication symbolizes a misconception of abuse and for-getting of medication, it is a major problem globally and it is a result of high morbidity and mortality. Furthermore, an increase in unnecessary attendance to emergency department and the clinics which could result in a huge waste in our health resources. This paper brings forward an intellectual medicinal reminder device of two parts, a mobile functional application that is connected wirelessly to the hardware part that is a special medicine box in a form of a smartphone cover case or external accessory incorporated with IoT. Device evaluation study was conducted by distributing survey questionnaires to different target population audiences. This reminder device is outstanding concerning its perfection and convenient method to eliminate medication nonadherence, thus encouraging fast recovery without obstacles and is anticipated to save financial resources. Direct managerial and action-wise implications are discussed throughout the paper.


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