A Review of Service Quality in Integrated Networking System at the Hospital Scenarios


  • Mustafa Almahdi Algaet
  • Zul Azri Muhamad Noh
  • Abd Samad Hasan Basari
  • Abdul Samad Shibghatullah
  • Ali Ahmad Milad
  • Aouache Mustapha


Quality of Service, wireless telemedicine, Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Accident and Emergency (A & E), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Wireless Fidelity (WiFi)


Hospital networking system is progressing into a more unified method by connecting technology that utilizes wireless networking technologies into backbone networks. Even though multiple joined circumstances have been acknowledged in the published articles, a common medical facility has not been thoroughly studied and continued to be a difficult subject that is pending. The main challenge faced by networking consultants is the smooth unification of all the components in an all-in-one of healthcare delivery system.  A perfect understanding of the functions of the unified networking is essential for effective designing and utilization of such knowledge in the medical backgrounds. This paper denotes the design and review of unified networking system circumstances in a hospital background. The effect of the types of traffic for example the audio and visual, system loads, size and strength of the network line is studied by a test run. Three pilot test studies have been conducted in radiology A&E and ICU conditions. Each condition shows the requirements for a particular type of traffic which then becomes the definite system behaviour. In the case of a radiology requirement, email and FTP traffic are noted to function effectively within the regular-to-big networking systems. In an A&E situation, VoIP circulations create very little jitters and missing data; it is linked with the prerequisites of QoS. In ICU situations, the video conferencing function downgrades the size of the network. Therefore, a QoS enabled gadget is suggested to minimise the packet delay and data losses. This study gives an overall explanation of wireless telemedicine technology and QoS. The findings of this study are summarised and arranged. Besides, the quality of service which has to be studied through the wireless telemedicine technology has been indicated. The findings of this study will provide a useful perspective in the investigation of QoS in wireless telemedicine technology and serve as a foundation for any individuals who are intrigued in the research of “wireless telemedicine technology for e-healthcare services


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Algaet, M. A., Muhamad Noh, Z. A., Hasan Basari, A. S., Shibghatullah, A. S., Milad, A. A., & Mustapha, A. (2015). A Review of Service Quality in Integrated Networking System at the Hospital Scenarios. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 7(2), 61–69. Retrieved from https://jtec.utem.edu.my/jtec/article/view/615




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