A Review of Characterization Techniques for Material's Properties Measurement using Microwave Resonant Sensor


  • Amyrul Azuan Mohd Bahar
  • Zahriladha Zakaria
  • Azmi Awang Md Isa
  • Eliyana Ruslan
  • Rammah A. Alahnomi


Accuracy, Characterization, Capability, Methods, Microwave, Resonators, Resonant, Sensitivity, Split Ring, Sensor, Techniques


This paper presents a compilation of important review in the development of microwave resonant sensor technology used in previous years. The major research work for each year is reviewed. Most of the resonators are designed for material characterization in specific application areas such as food quality control, medical, bio-sensing and subsurface detection.  In the last few years, several resonant sensors based on the planar and non-planar structure are compared and examined in order to propose a new topology of microwave sensors designed. The weaknesses of conventional sensors such as bulky size, high cost manufacturing and consume high volumes of detectable sample have been reviewed. Most significantly, this new proposed structure must gain high quality factor to gain improvement in an accuracy of the sensing capability and can overcome previous design weaknesses. This device will discriminate the composition and properties of samples based on scattering parameters in certain operating frequency. The proposed system outlined in this paper, featuring new innovation in resonator structure as well as providing advanced capability design of future research works. The contribution of this study is useful for various types of applications where the characterizing of materials is very important, while improving its performance especially in terms of accuracy and sensitivity. The previous studies will be reviewed and critically compared in order to gain a better understanding in microwave resonant sensors and new ideas for further research improvement in application, which require characterizing of materials.


How to Cite

Mohd Bahar, A. A., Zakaria, Z., Awang Md Isa, A., Ruslan, E., & A. Alahnomi, R. (2015). A Review of Characterization Techniques for Material’s Properties Measurement using Microwave Resonant Sensor. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 7(2), 1–6. Retrieved from https://jtec.utem.edu.my/jtec/article/view/601




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