Inverse phi Shape Sloted Planar Atenna for RFID Application


  • N.M. Nor Universiti Teknikal Melaysia Melaka
  • I.M. Ibrahim Universiti Teknikal Melaysia Melaka
  • M.K. Suaidi Universiti Teknikal Melaysia Melaka
  • M. Abu Universiti Teknikal Melaysia Melaka


Radio Frequency Identification, planar antenna, slot, dual band


The new inverse phi slotted planar antenna is a dual-band linear polarized antenna. Recent communication requirements continue to push for more bandwidth capabilities for antenna systems. In order to communicate with tags from different countries, the RFID system requires a separate set of antennas for reader application. As a result, our environments are infected by diverse kinds of antennas. This inverse phi slotted planar antenna is designed to obtain dual-band RFID reader operation at the UHF bands of 860MHz- 960MHz and free ISM bands of 2.45 GHz. Therefore, this antenna is design to reduce the set of antenna in RFID system.


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Nor, N., Ibrahim, I., Suaidi, M., & Abu, M. (2011). Inverse phi Shape Sloted Planar Atenna for RFID Application. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 3(1), 45–53. Retrieved from




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