Peripheral Interface Controller-Based Photovoltaic DC-DC Boost Converter


  • Z. A. Ghani
  • W.K. Wong
  • S. Saat
  • Mohd Fauzi Abd Rahman
  • F.A. Azidin
  • N.R. Mohamad


PV, PWM, dc-dc boost converter, PIC microcontroller


Fossil-based energy resources used in generating electricity are exhausting and finding alternative energy sources is vital for future energy demand. Photovoltaic (PV) is one of the promising renewable energy sources. However, the inconsistent characteristic of solar irradiation tends to disturb the amount of PV energy extraction. This makes the PV a non-linear power source throughout the daytime. This paper presents the prototype development of a Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC)-based photovoltaic dc-dc boost converter. In order to produce a stable dc output voltage, a closed-loop system is implemented into the converter circuit. The converter circuit was designed and simulated in PROTEUS ISIS Professional Tool and PSpiceOrCAD software environment. The control algorithm of the converter system was developed in the PIC C-Compiler software. The converter utilizes an 18V of 100W capacity PV module to generate a higher voltage for various direct current (dc) applications. With the developed and embedded control algorithm, the PIC microcontroller model PIC16F877A generates an appropriate pulse-width modulation signal to control the switching device MOSFET IRF540. Simulation results show that the controller managed to boost-up the voltage to 58.661V with minimum ripple voltage of 0.488V. The experimental results show that the converter managed to regulate the output voltage at 57.8V which is 1.47% lower than that of simulation. The result signifies the efficacy of the converter system control algorithm.


How to Cite

A. Ghani, Z., Wong, W., Saat, S., Abd Rahman, M. F., Azidin, F., & Mohamad, N. (2016). Peripheral Interface Controller-Based Photovoltaic DC-DC Boost Converter. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 7(2), 123–127. Retrieved from




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