A Review on Cache Replacement Strategies in Named Data Network


  • Sadaq Jebur Taher InterNetWorks Research Laboratory. School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.
  • Osman Ghazali InterNetWorks Research Laboratory. School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.
  • Suhaidi Hassan InterNetWorks Research Laboratory. School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia.


Cache Replacement Strategies, Name Data Network, Video on Demand, Congestion,


Named Data Network (NDN) architecture is one of the newest and future-aspired Internet communication systems. Video-on-Demand (VoD) has rapidly emerged as a popular online service. However, it is costly, considering its high bandwidth and popularity. Internet on-demand video traffic has been growing quite fast, and on-demand video streaming has gained much attention. The problem of this study is that the NDN architecture is processing several forms of online video requests simultaneously. However, limited cache and multiple buffering of requested videos result in loss of data packet as a consequence of the congestion in the cache storage network. Addressing this problem is essential as congestion cause network instability. This work emphasizes on the review of cache replacement strategies to deal with the congestion issue in Named Data Networks (NDN) during the VoD delivery in order to determine the performance (strengths and weaknesses) of the cache replacement strategies. Finally, this study proposes the replacement strategies must be enhanced with a new strategy that depends on popularity and priority regarding the congestion. This study would positively benefits both suppliers and users of Internet videos.


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