Design and SystemC-AMS Modeling of a Parallel Direct Digital Synthesizer


  • Atman Jbari
  • Larbi Bellarbi
  • Abdelhamid Ellrachid


Direct digital synthesis, multiplexing blocks, signal approximation, spectral analysis, SystemC modeling, SystemC-AMS modeling.


This paper presents a new parallel direct digital frequency synthesis (PDDS) circuit providing simultaneous multichannel. The proposed circuit has several applications in instrumentation, identification and data communications. After analysis of a set of design architectures and their limitations, we opted for a rapid and optimized architecture using Wave Arithmetic Unit (WAU) to operate in a largest frequency range. The effectiveness of our proposed circuit is demonstrated by a high-level design of digital blocks in SystemC and analog blocks in SytsemC-AMS language. Finally, the analysis of result responses of all modules confirms the correct PDDS performances for an open microelectronic integration technology.


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Jbari, A., Bellarbi, L., & Ellrachid, A. (2016). Design and SystemC-AMS Modeling of a Parallel Direct Digital Synthesizer. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 7(2), 89–97. Retrieved from