Development of A New Model for the Usability Evaluation of M-commerce Applications


  • A. S. Ajibola School of Computing, University of South Africa, Johannesburg
  • E. T. Abiodun Department of Computer Science, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Nigeria
  • L. Goosen Department of Science and Technology Education, University of South Africa, Pretoria


Usability evaluation, Usability attributes, Usability models, User experience


The acceptance of Mobile commerce (M-commerce) applications has become a way of life for business professionals and mobile shoppers. The global acceptance and increase in its usefulness have resulted in concerns about the availability of a suitable model for its usability evaluation. In order to fill this literature gap, the study introduced the MObile Shoppers Application Development (MOSAD) usability model to address the limitations in current usability models when applied in the context of M-commerce applications. The proposed model in this study incorporates different essential attributes from widely accepted usability models, which helped develop a more detailed usability model for M-commerce applications. The attributes in the proposed model are not entirely new; however, the current and widely accepted usability models failed to consider some of them. This neglect could lead to usability evaluation flaws and affect the outcomes of usability evaluations of M-commerce applications.


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