Development of An Instrument for Road Edge Measurement


  • N.Latif A.Shaari
  • Ida S. Md. Isa
  • Hasnawi S.A


Instruments, Road Edge, Robotics, Ultrasonic Sensor


Road edge detection was studied by researchers for applications in automated guided vehicles (AGV) and mainly done through the optical images using machine vision laser sensor, LIDAR sensor, laser radar and frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar. The navigation is focused on the monitoring and controlling the movement of autonomous vehicle to follow line on the road. This paper presents an instrument to detect road-edge for the paint mobile robot that will be use to paint the road line on the new roads. The rotating of ultrasonic sensor will be used as a sensor to measure the range of the road edge. The time of flight of ultrasonic sensor is determined, as well as the distance between the sensor and the road surface. The road surface profile was plotted and displayed on the computer. As a result, the developed instrument has the ability to measure the road edge after completing several experiments. The sensor has 83.59% accuracy of measuring road with 1 lane and 86.05% accuracy of measuring road with road curb. Therefore, the instrument can be used to accurately measure the road width for road line painting industry. The repeatability measurements show the sensor value for road width measurement with 0.99% precision value. Lastly, it shows that the designed low cost instrument can be used to measure the road-edge by the mobile painting robots


How to Cite

A.Shaari, N., Md. Isa, I. S., & S.A, H. (2015). Development of An Instrument for Road Edge Measurement. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 7(1), 65–70. Retrieved from




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