A Model of Virus Infection Dynamics in Mobile Personal Area Network


  • Suhizaz Sudin School of Computer and Communication Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
  • R Badlishah Ahmad School of Human Development and Technocommunication, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
  • Syed Zulkarnain Syed Idrus School of Human Development and Technocommunication, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.


Mobile Devices, Mobile Network, Mobile Personal Area Network, Vulnerabilities,


In this paper, the authors explore the mobile network security focused on the virus threat. Firstly, the authors explain the importance of mobile network security which sometimes not really takes into considerations by users. This paper then explains the virus threat of mobile devices virus where it explains how the viruses spread. The threats can be in three major forms namely the virus spreading via mobile personal area network, virus spreading via internet access and virus spreading via messaging. Lastly a model explains the dynamics of the infection on Mobile Network is introduced.


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