Wavelet-Based ODBTC Image Reconstruction


  • Heri Prasetyo Department of Informatics, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia.
  • Dwi Riyono Department of Printing Technology and Graphic Art, Politeknik Negeri Media Kreatif, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Image Reconstruction, Image Quality Improvement, Odbtc, Wavelet,


This paper presents a new technique for improving the quality of Ordered Dither Block Truncation Coding (BTC) decoded image. The proposed method exploits the wavelet usability on decomposing the decoded image into low and highfrequency subbands. It employs the two-dimensional Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) and two-dimensional Stationary Wavelet Transform (SWT). This scheme considers the ODBTC decoded image as noisy image in which the occurrence of noise can be minimized by modifying the wavelet high frequency. As documented in experimental results, the proposed method yields a promising result in the ODBTC image reconstruction.




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Prasetyo, H., & Riyono, D. (2018). Wavelet-Based ODBTC Image Reconstruction. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 10(2-4), 95–99. Retrieved from https://jtec.utem.edu.my/jtec/article/view/4324