Methodologies of Legacy Clinical Decision Support System -A Review


  • Meenakshi Sharma Computer Science and Engineering Department,G.I.M.E.T,Amritsar, 143501, India.
  • Himanshu Aggarwal Computer Engineering Department, Punjabi University, Patiala 147002, India.


Classifier, Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), Knowledge Representation Techniques, Machine Learning, NLP Techniques, Text Mining, Uncertainty Handling, Visualization Method,


Information technology playing a prominent role in the field of medical by incorporating the Clinical Decision Support System(CDSS) in their routine practices. CDSS is a computer based interactive program to assist the physician to make the right decision at the right time. Now a day's Clinical decision support system is a dynamic research area in the field of computer, but the lack of the knowledge of the understanding as well as the functioning of the system ,make the adoption slow by the physician and patient. The literature review of this paper will focus on the overview of legacy CDSS, the kind of methodologies and classifier employed to prepare such decision support system using a non-technical approach to the physician and the strategy- makers . This study will provide the scope of understanding the clinical decision support along with the gateway to physician ,policy-makers to develop and deploy the decision support system as a healthcare service to make the quick, agile and right decision. Future direction to handle the uncertainties along with the challenges of clinical decision support system are also enlightened in this study.


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