Data Encryption Scheme for Large Data Scale in Cloud Computing


  • Mehdi Ebady Manaa University of Babylon, College of IT, Department of Information Network
  • Moahmmed Ali Mohammed A University of Babylon, College of IT, Department of Information Network


Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Storage, Data Protection, Salesforce, Security Challenges,


Cloud computing is a power full platform to deliver applications over the internet or a private network. It considers the next technology in data manipulating and retrieving. These technologies help to manage and manipulate data in various services and deployment models. The cloud services are delivered from cloud computing providers to the users in a manner of leased service which give users an ability to lease services in a specific scope. To handle the huge data in today’s scenario, data cloud storages is suggested which gives a big relief for users as in local machines. Data protection is one of the most important issues in cloud computing. The researchers present many techniques, for data protection and security schemes such as Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS’s), Access Control, Encryption and Secure Socket Layer (SSL), but the data security is still a challenging issue. The goal of this paper is to present the security techniques for cloud computing in different cloud services model. Furthermore, we propose a security data encryption technique for cloud services in SaaS model for large data scale. SaaS service model provides a good tool for the users to register in the cloud and develop their applications.


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