Internet of Things (IOT) for Manufacturing Logistics on SAP ERP Applications


  • Bahri Mahmud Department of Logistics Studies, Faculty of Business Information and Sciences, UCSI University, UCSI Heights (Taman Connaught) Cheras 56000 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Internet of Things (IOT), SAP ERP Application Software, Supply Chain Value,


Logistics activities and production reporting are the important areas that are becoming the determinants or factors affecting the key performance Index (KPI) in evaluating the logistics business performance monitoring (BPM). Inventory management and manufacturing production processes are the activities that provide important information. These information or data are usually captured and updated in the normal computerized system in such module “SAP ERP” software. The integration and the linkage of the focus areas by the enterprise resource planning (SAP ERP) that champions the supply chain value are much relied on internet. The move of logistics operations in the internet economy actually shifted the traditional logistics to E-logistics. The internet of things (IOT) enhanced the logistics operation performance providing the real time update that influence the management making decision related to time and costs saving as well as improved operation’s efficiency by connecting those unconnected activities as the enhancement for the issues addressed in manufacturing logistics. It benefited the related parties, especially the manufacturers and consumers.


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