An Enhanced VoD Streaming Model for P2P Cloud Computing Systems


  • Mohammad H. Alshayeji Computer Engineering Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait.
  • Yousef Sharaf Computer Engineering Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait.
  • Sa’ed Abed Computer Engineering Department, Kuwait University, Kuwait.
  • M.D. Samrajesh Different Media, Kuwait.


Cloud Storage, Peer-to-Peer (P2P), Multimedia, Video on Demand (VoD),


Availability of ample digital multimedia content and advances in network bandwidth has fueled the growth of Video on Demand (VoD). Client-server based centralized system have limitations in the number of users who can get connected at a time. The growth of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based VoD streaming systems, together with cloud computing offers better availability of the video content, improved scalability and load balancing among peers. Providing the end user a smooth VoD playback has become an essential quality assurance component of VoD based system. However, higher quality of service and better user experience during video playback is still an open challenge. In this paper, we propose an Enhanced VoD Streaming Model (EVSM) for P2P cloud based system. The proposed model has four layers where each layer considers the various quality assurance factors of the P2P VoD and ensures better video streaming. Our evaluation results show that the proposed model decreases the video seek time and lowers the startup delay when compared to other methods.


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