Advanced Web User Monitoring with Real-Time Communications Devices


  • Lukas Cegan University of Pardubice, Faculty of Health Studies, Department of Informatics, Management and Radiology, Pardubice, Czech Republic


Monitoring, Web Performance, WebRTC, Real-Time,


This paper presents a new approach to web user monitoring with real-time communications devices. Proposed solution is based on a combination of WebRTC technology, performance data logging and third party services. This solutions allows measurement of a user’s web performance data, evaluated user’s behavior and makes gender and age classification. The results are an important tool in understanding what people think and feel while browsing a website. Thanks to this expertise we can better tailor web page content to achieve our business goals. Experimental results published in this paper were conducted on real data and show that the proposed solution of capturing and transforming face images from a video stream allows achievement of very high accuracy of gender and age classification by third party services.




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