Improved Multiband Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Application


  • P. Elechi Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.
  • P.O.Richard John Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Rivers State University, Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


Multiband, HFSS, Antenna Performance, Frequency, VSWR


In this work, a multiband microstrip patch antenna for 5G mobile applications was designed and simulation was conducted using HFSS (High Frequency Simulation structure) software. The frequency range of 3.5 GHz through 11.65 GHz was considered and the antenna dimensions were obtained from a well-established design equations. During simulation, the designed antenna was considered for an antenna without an inset feed and an inset fed antenna using layers of RT/Duroid 5880 substrate with a patch size of 33 mm × 28.8 mm and height of 1 mm. The antenna performance was analyzed in terms of S11 parameters, return loss, Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR), reflected power, and forwarding power. The result showed that the antenna radiates at a frequency of 3.5 GHz, 5.93 GHz, 7.49 GHz, 10.07 GHz and 11.65 GHz with an S11 value of -19.33, -17.40, -25.84, -32.94, -26.25 dB and VSWR of 1.88, 2.35, 1.68, 1.78 and 1.03. The designed antenna can be used for 5G applications that require the frequencies obtained in this research work.


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