Jacobi’s Construction Method Codes for Zero Cross-Correlation OCDMA Systems


  • Abdellah Bensaad saida university, Algeria
  • Ahmed Garadi Saida University, Algeria
  • Abbes Beloufa Mascara University, Algeria
  • Zouaoui Bensaad Djillali Liabes University(SBA), Algeria


Jacobi's Function, Multiple Access Interface (MAI), Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA), Zero Cross Correlation (ZCC) Code


In this paper, we present a new code design for the Optical Code Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) system based on the Jacobi function. One of the major factors limiting the performance of OCDMA systems is known as Multiple Access Interference (MAI). A good code design provides a minimum cross-correlation, maximum number of users with minimum
code length, and implementation flexibility to remove the MAI effectively. The use of finite field arithmetic’s in the construction of our proposed code yield a zero cross-correlation (ZCC) which is the least desired value. Theoretical analysis and simulation results show that the proposed code outperforms the previously reported codes with zero maximum cross-correlation. Thus, the Multiple Access Interference (MAI) and Phase-Induced intensity noise (PIIN) effects are eliminated, improving the system’s performance. The system can accommodate more simultaneous users than other codes at a standard acceptable bit error rate value (≤10-9). Furthermore, the construction method offers flexibility in choosing between the number of users, the weight, and the code length.


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