Wireless Sensor Networks for Real-Time Monitoring and Controlling of Poultry Farm


  • Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab Gezira University
  • Mohammed Waled Al-nour Collage of science and Technology
  • Awad Allah Osman Al-nour Collage of science and Technology
  • Abdelraheem Al-Tahir Al-nour Collage of science and Technology


Arduino, XBee, Sensor, Monitoring system


Modern technology exists to improve the quality and the quantity of the productions in many fields. It plays an important role in increasing production and reducing costs in poultry farming. Many factors affect the poultry farm’s amount of production, such as temperature, light, and water. Those factors must be monitored and controlled to achieve high production. This paper provides a real-time design of monitoring and controlling poultry farms which aimed to replace the traditional manual system with an advanced system. The design aimed to assist in raising the poultry farming production to satisfy the increasing demand for chicken products by providing a completely automatic system. The design is based on an Arduino controller and uses an XBee module to provide a wireless connection between the basic monitoring page and the hardware. The hardware connects a network of chicken houses. The hardware monitors and controls the temperature, light, and water supply system to avoid dryness problems. The design also ensures the gate security of the chicken corps by providing wireless monitoring of the gate status and firing an alarm when the gate is opened. The system was examined in different cases, and the simulation results were exact.

Author Biography

Mortada Mohammed Abdulwahab, Gezira University

Associate professor


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