Minimization of Handoff Failure in a Heterogeneous Network Environment using Multi Criteria Fuzzy System


  • Promise Elechi Rivers State University, Nigeria
  • Sunny Orike Rivers State University, Nigeria
  • E.C. Akujobi Rivers State University, Nigeria


Handoff, Heterogeneous Network, Fuzzy Logic, Artificial Bee Colony.


Handoff is an important aspect in the design of wireless communication that fulfills one of the major requirements for continued call connectivity as mobile traverses’ different wireless networks. One major challenge in heterogeneous network environment is vertical handoff, which relies on efficient decision making and fast selection strategy to reduce unnecessary handoff and failures. To achieve this goal, we propose the use of artificial intelligence-based techniques, Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) to decide when and where handoff would be initiated and an algorithm to select the best available network to the user. This approach relied on several parameters, the decision stage adopted network parameters such as RSSI, RSRQ and Throughput. While QoS parameters Bandwidth, Latency, Snr, Throughput, Cost and power were adopted for the selection stage. The simulation was carried out in two different stages using Matlab. The result showed decision was made at -80 dBm for RSSI, Throughput at 0.05Mbps and RSRQ at -25 dBm. While the output probability was 0.87 (87%). Results from the execution stage showed the selection to the best available network was achieved and the chosen network offered the lowest cost and highest Throughput to the user. Performance evaluation indicated that the number of handoffs was minimized and the execution time of the ABC algorithm showed better performance when compared to the Genetic Algorithm. 

Author Biographies

Promise Elechi, Rivers State University, Nigeria

Lecturer, Electrical/Elecronic Engineering

Sunny Orike, Rivers State University, Nigeria

Computer Engineering


E.C. Akujobi, Rivers State University, Nigeria

Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering




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Elechi, P., Orike, S., & Akujobi, E. (2021). Minimization of Handoff Failure in a Heterogeneous Network Environment using Multi Criteria Fuzzy System. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 13(2), 17–22. Retrieved from