Complexity Reduction of Turbo Equalization Using Cross-Entropy Stopping Criterion


  • Ouardi Aissa Laboratory Technology of Communication, Department of Electronics, University of Saida Dr. Moulay Tahar, Saida, Algeria
  • Bouazza Boubakar Seddik Laboratory Technology of Communication, Department of Electronics, University of Saida Dr. Moulay Tahar, Saida, Algeria


Turbo Equalizer, Stopping Criterion, Average Number of Iterations, Cross-Entropy.


This article presents the application of the CrossEntropy (CE) stopping criterion to Turbo Equalizer using the Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) algorithm. It is part of reducing computational complexities by decreasing the number of iterations of a turbo receiver. The proposed criterion CE initially for turbo codes is applicable for any type of turbo receiver. We consider here a turbo equalizer MAP of a severe channel that has five coefficients. The simulation results show that the resulting MAP-CE Turbo Equalizer provides the same performances as the Turbo Equalizer, which uses the absolute number of iterations.


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