Design of Smart Phone Automatic Switch for Choosing Optimized Power Source of Different Power Sources


  • Nazar Faried Yousif Faculty of Engineering & Technology- University of Gezira – Sudan.
  • Mortada M. Abdulwahab Faculty of Engineering & Technology- University of Gezira – Sudan.


Electric Source, Electronic Design, Solar Energy, Switch,


The availability and continuity of electricity power are vital. Electricity continuity is highly necessary in places like hospitals that houses the intensive care units, factories, companies, government institutions and public and private educational institutions. This paper aimed to design a smart switch circuit which is able to transfer different electricity sources to guarantee availability and continuity of electricity. The design focused on using environmentally friendly energy, such as solar power. Furthermore, this design helps in reducing dependence on a sole electricity source and avoiding blackout incidents. The design of smart switch contains electronic circuit that transfers electricity from different electricity sources prioritizing the solar power. The design contains Arduino Uno programmed to implement the switching process. The mechanism of the circuit depends on the voltages reading through the voltage dividers where the Uno controller makes a signal indicating the availability of each power source of the solar power source, the main power source and generator source then selecting the optimized one according to the priority of each. The system sends message to cell phone by GSM module to illustrate current situation and a website to monitor smart switch.


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