An Intelligent Heuristic Algorithm Based on Tabu Search to Enhance Open Shortest Path Protocol


  • Asia Ali Salman Al-Karkhi University of Technology - Iraq / Computer Science Department, Iraq
  • Athraa Jasim Mohammed University of Technology - Iraq / Computer Science Department, Iraq
  • Khalil Ibrahim Ghathwan University of Technology - Iraq / Computer Science Department, Iraq


Dynamic Routing, OSPF, Tabu Search,


Nowadays, a number of artificial intelligence search algorithms have been engaged with the problem of computer networks, especially in the area of network routing problems. Nodes in a network with many connections can be called hubs and some other nodes with fewer connections can create problems in routing messages around the network. In general, the protocol Open Shortest Path First OSPF is a link state protocol and it provides a good connection performance. However, this protocol has some drawbacks such as the determination of like weights and the increase of routing load. In this paper, an intelligent heuristic method based on the Tabu Search algorithm is proposed to find the optimal link cost/weight set and to determine the best path for the OSPF in a dynamic network. The simulation results show that other paths can be checked and selected to avoid congestion problem with the optimal path.

Author Biography

Athraa Jasim Mohammed, University of Technology - Iraq / Computer Science Department, Iraq

computer science department


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