Oracle DBMS Scheduler Package for Data Integrity Test on Web-Based Application


  • Boby Siswanto Informatics Department, School of Computer Science, Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta, Indonesia.


Data Integrity Test, Oracle Application Express, Oracle DBMS Scheduler Package, Web Testing,


DBMS Scheduler Package is one of Oracle DBMS Packages that has the ability to perform automatic execution of data management at a predefined time. Oracle DBMS Scheduler is able to be integrated with Oracle Application Express on a web-based application. Web-based application can be accessed by a huge number of concurrent users that uses the same data on the database. On some conditions, users will not be allowed to change their data until the state of the current data is closed to maintain the data integrity, for example the scheduling data on university scheduling guidance between lecturers and students, where the student must not create another schedule until the existing schedule is closed. Data Integrity test is done by implementing web testing. This research found that the Oracle DBMS Scheduler Package is able to maintain data integrity on Web Based Application by closing the reservation schedule slot automatically.




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