Tailoring Software Development Methodologies for Reliability


  • Mohammad Ahmadi School of Computing, Engineering and Mathematics, Western Sydney University, Australia.
  • Babak Bashari Rad Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia.
  • Michael Onuoha Thomas Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia.


Methodologies, Quality Assurance, Reliability Engineering, Software Development,


In recent times, many organizations have sought ways of improving the quality of software products due to the complexity and continuous change in technological trends. These trends have given rise to more sophisticated software systems, which are required for proper functioning at all times. Most research literature proposes tailoring of standard development methodologies due to their inadequacies and inability to meet up with users’ needs and system requirements. Reliability engineering has become an approach towards addressing software systems complexity, and also serve as a guarantee towards quality conformance and assurance of software products. In this research paper, the importance of reliability and tailoring is discussed to lay the foundation for the integration of basic reliability engineering techniques into software development.


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