Improvement of Voltage Stability due to Integration of the Celukan Bawang Power Station to the Bali 16-bus System


  • I Made Wartana Electrical Department, National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang, Jl. Bend. Sigura-gura No. 2 Malang.
  • Ni Putu Agustini Electrical Department, National Institute of Technology (ITN) Malang, Jl. Bend. Sigura-gura No. 2 Malang.


Continuation Power Flow, SVC, Voltage Stability, Voltage Collapse,


A significant power system occurrence, the voltage stability of the system due to the integration of new generation into the grid, has been investigated in this paper by using a continuous power flow (CPF) method consisting of successive load flows. Since one of the solutions to prevent voltage instability causing voltage collapse is by controlling the system's reactive power limit, in this study the effect of placing the Shunt FACTS controller, Static Var Compensator (SVC), into the grid against the voltage stability has been investigated. An accurate controller model supported by the PSAT (Power System Analysis Tool) is used to study the voltage stability of the system. The effectiveness of the proposed method has been examined on the 16-bus Bali practical test system due to the integration of the Celukan Bawang Power Station and by detecting the bifurcation point. Moreover, improving voltage magnitude profile and line power loss (Ploss) of the system are also investigated.


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