Prototype of Demand Response Controller for Demand Side Management on Home Electricity using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm


  • Djoni Haryadi Setiabudi Informatics Department, Petra Christian University.
  • Michael Santoso Informatics Department, Petra Christian University.
  • Iwan Njoto Sandjaja Informatics Department, Petra Christian University.
  • Yusak Tanoto Electrical Engineering Department, Petra Christian University.


Demand-Side Management, Demand Response Controller, Home Electricity, Particle Swarm Optimization,


Demand Side Management (DSM) program can be implemented using electric load shedding approach. In practice, this can be realized using equipment called the Demand Response Controller (DRC). The discharge of electricity with DRC is one of the efforts to respond to the increasing electricity tariff. In further, such technology allows users to shift duration of electricity usage, for example from the peak load period to the off-peak period. This research develops a website-based prototype with devices that have been integrated with Raspberry Pi as a controller. Devices arrangement is connected to home electrical devices in order to allow users change the condition of electronic devices everywhere, in terms of its utilization period. To support DRC, there is a feature where users can enter the limits of electricity usage and then the PSO algorithm will set electronic devices so that it can be switched on and off in accordance with the restrictions of the users. The prototype has been able to perform the optimization by turning off the device in accordance with user requirements. The PSO algorithm has been tested and an accuracy of 96% can be achieved at most possible, finding a combination of kilowatt limits according to user requirements.


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