Ray Tracing Algorithm for Specific Indoor Propagation Modeling


  • Juwita M.S
  • Ummi Syafiqah S.
  • Mohd Riduan A.


specific indoor propagation, geometrical optics, received power, different material


A large number of indoor wireless channel models has been described in the literature. Some of them are based on geometrical optics while other models are based on geometric probabilistic theory and field measurements. The use of field measurements, although necessary to validate analytical methods, is expensive and difficult to implement for a large number of environments. On the other hand, analytical models provide an alternative and efficient way to predict the mean received power strength for a given wireless environment. In this way, a computer-based tool can be designed and used to allow for an efficient design of a propagation model. This tool can be used to optimize the specific propagation model by allowing the network designer to modify a variety of parameters, example the distance, and type of material used in the environment


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