Malaysian Police Officers’ View on Vehicle Theft through the concept of Z Number


  • Mohd Firdaus Abd Khabir Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Maznah Mat Kassim Universiti Utara Malaysia
  • Malina Zulkifli Universiti Utara Malaysia


Fuzzy, Police, Subjective Weight, Vehicle Theft, Z Number,


The expert's view is an important aspect to be considered in vehicle theft since the crime has contributed to the magnificent proposition in property crime. In vehicle theft police officer is considered an expert since the authority is directly involved in solving the problem. The difficulty to understand the vehicle theft criteria because of ambiguity, uncertainty and vagueness of criteria are unavoidable among human. As a result, different interpretations occur toward particular vehicle theft criteria because of the difference of the level of understanding and experience among police officers. Therefore, the problem has allowed an obvious difference of interpretations by officers toward vehicle theft criteria. Thus, police officers are required to distinguish the degree of importance among the vehicle theft criteria. Therefore, a Z number which an extension of the fuzzy set theory is a tremendous method to tackle such problem related to the reliability of information which consists of ambiguity, uncertainty and vagueness aspect of vehicle theft criteria. The advantage of Z number concept implemented in the assessment of vehicle theft criteria is each of information given by police officers will be reliable, secure and preserved. Based on the result it seems that the vehicle theft been manipulated by a male juvenile who usually has problems with education, unemployed, originated from the particular race and influenced by drug addiction.




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Abd Khabir, M. F., Mat Kassim, M., & Zulkifli, M. (2018). Malaysian Police Officers’ View on Vehicle Theft through the concept of Z Number. Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC), 10(1-10), 37–42. Retrieved from