Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Management of Purchased Items Using Java Programing


  • Rionel Belen Caldo Electronics and Communications Engineering Department, De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, 0922 Manila, Philippines.


Purchasing Department, Netbeans IDE, Java, Apache POI, Microsoft Excel, Software Engineering, Data Monitoring,


The Purchasing department manages all related transaction of items and services of the institution. In Lyceum of the Philippines University – Laguna (LPU-L), the Purchasing department provides services to item purchases of the school (inside or outside the campus). The method of monitoring and storage of data is done manually. Considering that purchasing transaction is becoming plentiful in just a month’s notice because of different colleges requiring items to be bought, the task of in-charge personnel is becoming laborious and tedious. With increasing purchase of items and rendering of related services, it is essential that information will be kept organized and secured. This paper proposes a system for effective data monitoring and management of transactions related to purchasing of items in Netbeans IDE platform using Java programming language with additional use of Apache POI Application Program Interface (API) to control and manipulate Excel files. Item specifications and transactions are to be stored in a Spreadsheet, as it offers easy manipulation of cells, sheets and workbooks. Ergo, it is easy to manage formulas for arithmetic use and it provides visual presentation of data through graphs and charts. The developed system is capable of handling data entered by the user and it will easily store the data in its proper excel directories, which would simplify and speed up the manual method of managing data. The system is also equipped with searching methodology and printing of summary report. This would facilitate tangible monitoring of data and its status. Most importantly, the system could further assist the decision making of the department head.


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