4G LTE Evolved Packet Core Planning with Call Switch Fallback Technology


  • Alfin Hikmaturokhman ST3 Telkom Purwokerto.
  • Lintang Setyo Palupi ST3 Telkom Purwokerto.
  • Norma Amalia ST3 Telkom Purwokerto.
  • Achmad Rizal Danisya ST3 Telkom Purwokerto.
  • Toha Ardi Nugraha Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta.


4G LTE, 4G Interface, Call Switch FallBack (CSFB), Evolved Packet Core (EPC),


Long Term Evolution (LTE) is a 4 Generation (4G) technology that supports high-speed data services. Currently, 4G LTE have yet covers all regions in Indonesia. Since 4G LTE is the latest technology in Indonesia, therefore it needs LTE Network Planning, which is consists of E-UTRAN (EvolvedUniversal Terrestrial Radio Access Networks) and Evolved Packet Core (EPC). EPC is the major part in 4G LTE. In order to support LTE Network Planning in Indonesia, this paper develops 4G LTE which is focused on EPC Planning in City X. The implementation of 4G LTE network uses Call Switch Fallback (CSFB) technology. Based on the planning, it needs minimum 6 pieces of MSC (Mobile Switching Center) Server (MSS) that are 1 pieces HSS, 2 pieces MME and minimum 2 pieces SGW-PGW. In this planning, the interfaces can be divided by two parts, control plane interface and user plane interface. The control plane interface such as S6A, S11, S10, S1- MME requires minimum bandwidth of 0.355 Gbps. For user interface plane S5 / S8, S1-U and SGI requires a minimum bandwidth of 17.75 Gbps up to 127.80 Gbps.


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