Development of a Fuzzy GS-PID Controlled Quadrotor for Payload Drop Missions


  • Ivan Henderson V. Gue Mechatronics Research Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Department, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines.
  • Alvin Y. Chua Mechatronics Research Laboratory Mechanical Engineering Department, De La Salle University, Manila, Philippines.


Fuzzy Logic, GS-PID, Payload, Quadrotor, Search and Rescue,


This study investigates on the use of a new Fuzzy GS-PID controller in reducing the overshoot of a quadrotor during payload drop missions. The new controller design involves a synergy of fuzzy logic reasoning and GS-PID control theory to improve performance of the quadrotor. The payload mass was made as the input to the controller while utilizing fuzzy logic reasoning to obtain the proper gains for the GS-PID controller. The control algorithm was tested on a locally developed quadrotor system with a payload drop test rig to verify its effectiveness during actual implementation. Results show that the Fuzzy GS-PID controller was able to reduce the overshoot of the system as compared to the PID and the GS-PID controllers.


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