ECG Print-out Features Extraction Using Spatial-Oriented Image Processing Techniques


  • Pocholo James M. Loresco Electronics & Electrical Engineering Department, FEU Institute of Technology, P. Paredes St. Sampaloc Manila.
  • Aaron Don Africa Department of Electronics Engineering, De La Salle University, 2401 Taft Avenue, Manila.


Electrocardiogram Printout, ECG Image Processing, ECG Feature Extraction, Spatial-Oriented Image Processing,


Analyzing cardiovascular activity of patients using ECG clinical paper printouts requires prior knowledge and practice. This research used spatial-oriented image processing methods for analyzing ECG readings by retrieving only the essential features, and not all ECG data, to assist physicians in diagnosis. Different values such as Atrial (rate/min) and Ventricular (rate/min), QRS interval (sec), QT interval (sec), QTc (sec), and PR interval (sec) were successfully extracted with indication as to whether the values are within the accepted normal values, given the patient’s gender and age. Performance of the system was tested based on accuracy, RMSE and normalized RMSE. The methodology achieved average accuracy as high as 95.424 % while the PR interval feature extraction achieved a relatively low average accuracy of 87.196%.


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