Analysis and Design of Flat Asymmetrical A-Sandwich Radomes


  • F. Mazlumi Civil Aviation Technology College, MehrAbad International Airport, Tehran 13878, IRAN


A-Sandwich, Design, Radome, Transmission Loss,


The purpose of this paper is to present analytical formulas for designing flat A-sandwich radomes in general case where the material types and the thicknesses of the skins are different. The transmission and reflection coefficients of flat Asandwich radomes are presented for the general asymmetrical case. Based on the obtained formulas, the conditions of zero transmission loss are derived for various special cases under the assumption that the radome materials are lossless. The maximum of transmission loss is also presented for ultrawideband applications of A-sandwich radomes. For verification, two radomes are designed by using the equations obtained in this paper, and the results are compared with those obtained by using commercial software HFSS and CST.


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