An FL-PID Mixed Technique to Control a Military Rocket Launcher System Board


  • Jeki Saputra Department of Weapon System Electronics, Polytechnics of Indonesian Army (Poltekad), Indonesia
  • Rini Nur Hasanah Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Brawijaya University, Indonesia.


Fuzzy-Logic Control, Military Weaponry, PID Control, Rocket Launcher,


This article proposes the design and construction of an automatic launcher system for military weaponry. Combining the fuzzy-logic and proportional-integraldifferential control theories, the launcher system board is purposed to automatically direct a military rocket along its azimuth and elevation angles direction. The fuzzy-logic method has been explored to find the values of Kp, Ki and Kd constants of a proportional-integral-differential controller, which will then be used to adjust the angular position of actuator according to a predetermined set-point. The combined control algorithm has been implanted on the Arduino Mega 2560 and implemented to launch the 70 mm-caliber Rolex rocket being considered during the experiment. Successful control result, which was indicated with the average steady-state error value of 0%, has been resulted.


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