A Framework for Pre-computated Multi-Constrained Quickest QoS Path Algorithm


  • Ashutosh Sharma Department of Electronics and Communication, Jaypee University of Information and Technology.
  • Rajiv Kumar Department of Electronics and Communication, Jaypee University of Information and Technology.


QoS, Multi-Constraints, NP-Complete, Performance Envelope, Reliability,


The era of advance computer networks and advance communication leads the technology to new heights and the algorithms used for the routing needs to be updated side by side parallel with the advancement. This paper presents the new multi-constrained routing algorithm which gives quality of service full-fill the service level agreements with the user. Finding a multi-constrained path is a NP-complete problem, but still the presented algorithm gives the feasible path for the routing in a given polynomial time. Furthermore the performance comparison shows the best results with presented approach and existed approach.


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