A Novel Heuristic Algorithm Based Watermarking Technique


  • Ankur Saxena 1G L Bajaj Group of Institution, Mathura U.P, India- 281406.
  • Neelendra Badal KNIT, Sultanpur, U.P, India


Bird Swarm Optimization, DCT, Gray Scale, Histogram Equalization, Peak Signal To Noise Ratio, Watermarking,


This paper deals with the development of watermarking scheme for digital images. Here, we deal with invisible watermarking. We implemented a hybrid approach of DCT and Bird Spam Algorithm to retain reliability of watermark after being adding into real image and to achieve improved quality of the image and diminish perceptual deprivation. A Hybrid approach is capable of dealing with Noise and maintain the integrity of the watermarking. Three evolutions of the proposed approach were conducted using PSNR. With the proposed technique, we obtained the PSNR value of 94db, which outperform the rest of the algorithm presented in the literature.


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