A Graph Clustering Algorithm Based on Adaptive Neighbors Connectivity


  • Israa Hadi Faculty of Information Technology, University of Babylon, Iraq
  • Firas Sabar Miften Faculty of Information Technology, University of Babylon, Iraq


Automatic Clustering, Connectivity, Graph Clustering, Jaccard Similarity,


This paper deals with graph clustering algorithm which partitions a set of vertices in graphs into smaller sets (clusters). Such vertices of the same set are related to each other rather than to those in the other sets. This means that most graph clustering algorithms are based on the topological shape or feature similarity. Nevertheless, these algorithms suffered from scalability because of the height computation requirements for similarity estimation. This paper represents a stimulus for the current study to introduce an algorithm that automatically finds the number of clusters based on shared neighbours among vertices. The study is based on the hypothesis that the proposed algorithm is able to efficiently find the graph clustering partitions for the whole graphs.


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