Fusion for Multiple Light Sources in Texture Mapping Object


  • Tawfiq A. Al-Asadi Information Technology College, University of Babylon
  • Ali Abdul Azeez Mohammed Baqer Information Technology College, University of Babylon


Fusion, Light Sources, Realism, Texture Mapping,


Abstract—In this paper, fusion method using wavelet transform was used to calculate the effects of multiple sources of light to make the object look more realistic and more informative than the original parts which take the effect of each light source alone. The color value of any pixel in the object depends essentially on the color of the specific mapped texture as well as on the effect of the light sources that produce bright or dark pixels value depending on the distance between the pixel and light source and the direction of light rays. The proposed method merges the effect of multiple lights. Instead of summing these effects, the method takes from each pixel one of three conditions. These states are the maximum effect among all sources of the light, the minimum effect among all sources to reflect fine shadow and the ratio effect from all sources. This ratio depends on the relative parameters among all sources.


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