A Contribution to the Role of the Wireless Sensors in the IoT Era


  • Muhammed Abaid Mahdi College of Information Technology, University of Babylon
  • Saad Talib Hasson College of Information Technology, University of Babylon


Applications, Challenges, Characteristics, IoT, Metrics, Sensors, WSN,


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which are associated with the Internet of Things (IoT), represent useful networks in assisting monitoring, tracking and sensing different environmental activities. Sensors play an essential role in designing and applying any WSN. Due to the vast advances in communication and networking technology, there are needs to develop, build and apply various smart or intelligent (unmanned) service networks. The concept of IoT refers to equipping real objects with communication and computing facilities that enables collaboration with each other in real life applications. IoT inclines toward the process of controlling, communicating, cost-saving and automation. At present, this era will be the IoT era due to its numerous vital applications. This paper aims to review the status of the IoT and its applications’ requirements. It also aims to survey the role of the sensors in this context. The paper provides a good overview of the important characteristics and applications of the WSNs and IoT. This work represents a suitable guide for researchers who are interested in such fields.


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