Trusted Third Party-based CDR Management System


  • Abhishek Kushwaha
  • Rahul Das
  • Chandan Sharma


Call Detail Records, Security, Telecommunication, Trusted Third Party


Call Detail Records (CDRs) are computer generated records which contain details about the calls which pass through the operator’s particular telephone switch. CDRs are stored for a particular period of time identified by company policy and country legislation. During their storage lifetime the CDRs are subjected to various kinds of analysis and mining procedures to enable the operator to obtain such factors which will help to serve the consumers in a better way and generate more revenue for the operator. Sometimes such procedures violate the privacy and security requirement of the consumer and the country legislation. This paper proposes a Trusted Third Party (TTP) basedCDR Management System which can help the operators reduce regulatory burden and IT infrastructure requirements. TTP based CDR Management System stores several operators’ CDRs, under contract, with a single entity which can analyse, mine and regulate the data on behalf of operators and government and provide better value to business


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